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Gonna be something more, someone wise, just a little bit different
Gonna stay on my feet, keep the beat, Im not losing time
In my mind I can fly to the top, reach the perfect moment
Peace of mind, read the sign, Im stayin in control
But I, just dont feel it now
And I, just can see it now
I try, to keep up somehow
Now I find that Ive become...become sober
Gonna reach for the sky, gonna fly, see the pinnacle forming
Pass me by, wonder why you never stop to reflect
Its a line, peace of mind, so refined, my cup runeth over
Look around, see the ground, coming down, am I losing time
Carrying the weight of you Im losing perspective
Keeping up with you is too far to climb
You're taking up the view I cant see my own moments
You're blinding me with wine, so sublime, its a crime

Written & Performed by:  Derane

All content on this website is under Copywrite and remains the property of Derane/"Chelles' Belles"


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