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When I see you standin by me with that smile on your face
I will let you take me with you to that long forgotten place
Every time you hold me I can feel my heart unfold
And though I try to fight it, it will always let me know, oh I know
I'll lose myself to love
I cant help but worry about doubts in my mind
The chronic indecisions, can I leave them all behind
and if I let my heart lead, will it lead my mind astray
If you stay beside me I know love will find a way, oh I know
I'll lose myself to love
If I try to reach you, will you open up your hand
Can I still be independent can I grow beside my man
Will you love me deeply cause I wanna see it through
I'll love you back completely you will know my love is true, oh I know
I'll lose myself to love

Written & Performed by:  Derane

All content on this website is under Copywrite and remains the property of Derane/"Chelles' Belles" 



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