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Ooooh can I see you now
I cant live without
The way you make me feel
Its so unreal (beyond my dreams)
Losing everything im tryin over again
But with the mess im makin' can you take me in
I never saw it comin' all the tears im fightin'
Can I blend into your life just like a cloud in a pretty picture of you and I
I can see clearly now
All my life
Is before me now
I looked around to find the pictrue taking shape of you and I
Now I know the story I fight the tears for glory
Ive succeeded now I see beyond my dreams
Believing in the feeling it has left me reeling
My world is no long so incomplete
I, I can hear it now, loud and clear
Whispering in my ear no longer blind
Now I have found I can let go and move from here

Written & Performed by:  Derane

All content on this website is under Copywrite and remains the property of Derane/"Chelles' Belles" 


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