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Why dont you come over here and let me lead you blind
And you can follow me regardless of what it is that you desire
I will sugar coat the hurt so we can 'go there' one more time
You can pretend for just that moment you are mine
And I will linger      until you're frightened
By the clinical mirage in which I hide
And then I'll look into your eyes and show a picture of a time
When we were one I was all yours and you were mine
We can chase away our demons with heavy breath
We could disguise all our emotions chest to chest
We can kiss away the pain that has brought us to this point
And I'll pretend that you dont love me anymore
Dont get too comfortable, dont leave your keys in that same place
Its just desire in my eyes its not 'I love you' on my face
Did I fail to mention that you've kinda been replaced
But we can chase away your demons with hot breath
And we can lie here arm in arm so you can rest
And I will touch you with such extreme tenderness
And I'll pretend that you dont love me anymore
You seem suprised, I couldnt save you from yourself
At the time, you werent so quick to accept help
And do you understand now what all the time I spent is worth
As I look through your eyes and cling to just the heat
With only lust and not the passion that you seek
Dont hold your breath and pray for miracles and hope that I'll go weak
I'll just pretend that you dont love me anymore
Chase away your demons with my breath
Disguise all your emotions chest to chest
Touch you with extreme tenderness
And I'll pretend that you dont love me anymore

Written by: Derane

All content on this website is under Copywrite and remains the property of Derane/"Chelles' Belles"


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